Welcome to Great Greens!

We look forward to be your source for Local, sustainable Produce, Microgreens and Fish!
Our facility in the Uptown District of Toledo should be up and running shortly. In the meantime, please feel free to take the survey so we know more about how to provide you with the greens you want, where you want them.



Count on it. All of our seed stock and fish stock are GMO free. All seed stock must come from a USDA Organic certified source.

No Synthetics. Period, end of discussion.
Typical hydroponic systems count on synthetically produced nutrients for their plants. We don’t have to use synthetic nutrients, we use the fish to provide the plants with the nutrients they need. Each and every input we use in our system must be inert, or a material listed as acceptable by the USDA. Even most of the vegetable gardening supplies at local retailers are off limits to us!

No Antibiotics
Antibiotics for the fish will destroy the beneficial bacteria colonies that make the link between the fish and the plants.

No fertilizers
As can be seen with our are waterways in the summer, fertilizers can have a very detrimental effect to an aquatic system.
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